Monday, March 10, 2014

it's been awhile and I've been good hee

hello dear blog!
oh my it's been awhile since I logged into this account
I know there's no one reading my blog
so I'm just gonna say it

I've transferred my studies from Egypt to Malaysia
been allocated to CUCMS, Cyberjaya
yeah, I know what you thinking
CUCMS? what is that? never heard about it before haha
it stands for Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science
entering 4th year currently in semester 8

of course it's a hectic transfer since everything is done pretty fast
as soon as I made up my mind to study to this university
the next week I went back to Cairo and packed up my things and returned back to Malaysia after 3 days
I settled everything including my used-to-be personal life lolol

so yeah, I've been a student here in Cyberjaya since November
it's been good 
everything is new and I am getting familiar with everything right here
how is the studies if I were to compare with Egypt?
of course there are flaws here and there. you can't say everything is perfect, no? haha
but it is better I guess. I can really train myself to be a competent doctor somehow
it's not that Egypt is no good, but right here it's better

apart from that, I miss my friends in Egypt
you guys, come back faster so that I can meet everyone of you miss you mucho mucho hahaha!
I am on my way of making new friends
as you know it is not easy for me to make new ones
so I am going slow and just taking it easy

so why am I writing about this today?
Idk, I just feel like writing and expressing what happen lately
it's not that I have a free time, but I write this only after I finished my exercise session awhile ago
okay, later! bye!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

set up your mind , now !

doing an elective posting with Dr Awangku for 3 weeks

my objective when doing an elective posting :
1) to find what fundamental value I want to bring when observing a doctor treating his patients
2) to gain experience observing patients / examining under doctor supervision
3) to understand how doctors must think in any situation given
4) to realize and refresh my objective why I wanna be a doctor
5) to set one baseline for where I wanna go from this career

I think thats all I can think of for now
I'm gaining a lil bit of here and there from the doctor
its better you do something to improve yourself rather than thinking you are qualified enough to be a doctor
and to tell you frankly , I suck at it and I am struggling to be one (speaking in the term of knowledge and practical stuff) - because I am still a medical student from Egypt

2 years to be enter the real world , what am I going to do to prepare before things get ugly ?
its going to get tougher , beware !

Monday, August 19, 2013

somebody is changing hihi

ayah said I am a good girl now
I clean , I cook , I groom , I exercise , I behave
just like a girl has to be
and he doesn't have to nag to me because le me is behaving like he wanted me to :P

and ibu was like... "dia kan kata dia nak kawin haritu . tiba2 putus"

I was like... "that time will come.. hahaha"

yeah , I know I change
maybe this is as a heads up for my parents that le me is on the way to be a somebody's wife kehkehkeh

oh well , focus on what you wanna be !
let's go to the hospital for elective posting with Dr Awangku tomorrow !
night peeps ^^

Friday, August 16, 2013

and I wish to have a best friend , now..
I can't talk to the internet forever


I'm a little worried...

I hope Egypt will be fine as soon as possible
please don't delay our studies for 1 semester
it's already long and hard enough to take a 6 and a half year course
and if the government ask us not to further our studies there , where would we go ?
medical malay student in Egypt is like more than 10K , where would you place us ?
and as for me , I want to graduate from Egypt because I am proud of where I am studying !

let's just pray and believe Allah is the best planner
Allahu musta3an Egypt ! <3 p="">
p/s : the best way to heal is to disappear . bismillah..

Thursday, August 15, 2013

bacaan buku 1

Give and Take Antara Hamba & Pencipta
tulisan Nurulain Ahmad

saya selesai menelaah buku tulisan saudari Nurulain ini tadi
apa yang dapat saya simpulkan daripada buku ini adalah penulis ingin memberi peringatan kepada kita , sebagai hamba untuk sentiasa bersyukur dengan pemberian Allah taala dengan cara mengikut dan melaksanakan perintah-Nya dengan sempurna dan meninggalkan larangan-Nya

banyak contoh daripada tokoh-tokoh di seluruh dunia telah diberi oleh penulis membuatkan kita berasa bahawa penulis ingin menekankan bahawa Islam itu menyeluruh dan tidak membebankan malah Islam itu sendiri merupakan panduan yang tepat untuk manusia menjalani hidup seharian kerana Allah tahu akan keperluan makhluk-Nya

untuk lebih mengenali dan mendalami nilai syukur dan perlunya tawaduk kepada Tuhan itu , marilah sama2 kita menghayati buku ini . selamat membaca ! :D

p/s : walaupun kita dah memang tahu apa dan bagaimana untuk bersyukur , apa salahnya baca sekali lagi untuk peringatan kerana tiada yang sia-sia apabila Tuhan diingati , Nabi disanjungi :)

if I can't be a doctor , then...

I'm thinking of becoming a barista if I don't have to be a doctor
my obsession to coffee is like.... unstoppable !
I can't stop loving coffee and it will be an honor if I can learn to make a good coffee someday !

this girl keeps on dreaming to do what she loves... xoxo <3 p="">