Monday, September 8, 2014

letter to HN

to the person I indirectly offended,
I apologize for everything that had happened
I never imagined that things would be this way
because as far as I know, I have this one straight path that I am heading to
and I never have any bad intention to ruin things for you
and along the way, things happen
that's life. you don't know what's gonna happen next
and fate has brought us here

I sincerely apologize if you think I offended you in a way
and just hoping that you might have come across into my blog
let's just stay neutral, okay?

Nadia Shobri

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

keep growing

I am 23 turning 24 in 5 months
and all I know I just want to have that MBBS degree next year in my hands

there are too much on my mind what I wanna do in my life
and I know that I don't want to take a short cut to be successful
what I mean is I don't want to settle down for an easier options
I prefer to expand my potentials - giving myself a bit more challenge
because challenges what's make me going
and I do this because I am competing with myself
not to impress other people, but for me 
for my satisfaction

the goal here is to be a specialist doctor (aiming to be an Anaesthetist & a Physician)
and to create something new in medical field for the benefit of the community
its going to be hard, but I wanna do it

I don't have a love life (yet) and not gonna create one in the mean time
just gonna focus on growing myself and helping my sibs to grow well with me!
pray hard, work hard and be awesome! :)

gonna continue reading surgery

I keep forgetting...

kita sangka iman kita kuat
kita sangka kita boleh tahan diri dari melakukan maksiat
kita sangka kita boleh elak dari melakukan dosa-dosa besar
tapi kita lupa
kalau kita lupa Allah
bila-bila masa kita boleh tergelincir 
bila-bila masa kita boleh kembali menjadi jahil
malah jatuh ke dalam lubang yang lebih teruk dari sebelumnya

one incident that taught me on
we as human needs to be reminded and needs to put an effort to keep searching for HIM
we thought we could never go into the same tragedy
but no, we are wrong
sometimes we forget
sometimes we are just too comfortable
we forget that Allah always test His servants
and we keep repeating the same cycle over and over again

I am a sinful person
and I need return back to Him
keep running to Him

A sinner.

Monday, July 14, 2014

one year til graduation.. :)

Happy Ramadhan to everyone!

so I'm just gonna break the news
I made it to final year!
seriously after 9 solid months of working my butt off as a 4th year med student Egypt Transfer Credit (ETC)  in CUCMS, I made it!
its a miracle
because of many reasons
and I don't wanna become a drag talking about it so I'm just gonna keep it short and sweet
going into final year in just... 2 weeks ++

oh btw, doing my elective posting in TUDM Subang. enjoying every moment of it and I have been a slacker earlier. so... need to do some catching up on my last week (which is this week) heheh

preparing my mind and body and soul to dedicate my moment in CUCMS as a final year student
its gonna be tough but heck let's get it done and give me my MBBS degree! hahah

med school is rough but it's gonna get tougher once I work
but anyhow I love the challenge - it keeps you alive, no?
that's why I transfer to Malaysia and enter 4th year anyways!
one year to go until graduation! hee

pray hard, work hard and be awesome! :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

it's been awhile and I've been good hee

hello dear blog!
oh my it's been awhile since I logged into this account
I know there's no one reading my blog
so I'm just gonna say it

I've transferred my studies from Egypt to Malaysia
been allocated to CUCMS, Cyberjaya
yeah, I know what you thinking
CUCMS? what is that? never heard about it before haha
it stands for Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science
entering 4th year currently in semester 8

of course it's a hectic transfer since everything is done pretty fast
as soon as I made up my mind to study to this university
the next week I went back to Cairo and packed up my things and returned back to Malaysia after 3 days
I settled everything including my used-to-be personal life lolol

so yeah, I've been a student here in Cyberjaya since November
it's been good 
everything is new and I am getting familiar with everything right here
how is the studies if I were to compare with Egypt?
of course there are flaws here and there. you can't say everything is perfect, no? haha
but it is better I guess. I can really train myself to be a competent doctor somehow
it's not that Egypt is no good, but right here it's better

apart from that, I miss my friends in Egypt
you guys, come back faster so that I can meet everyone of you miss you mucho mucho hahaha!
I am on my way of making new friends
as you know it is not easy for me to make new ones
so I am going slow and just taking it easy

so why am I writing about this today?
Idk, I just feel like writing and expressing what happen lately
it's not that I have a free time, but I write this only after I finished my exercise session awhile ago
okay, later! bye!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

set up your mind , now !

doing an elective posting with Dr Awangku for 3 weeks

my objective when doing an elective posting :
1) to find what fundamental value I want to bring when observing a doctor treating his patients
2) to gain experience observing patients / examining under doctor supervision
3) to understand how doctors must think in any situation given
4) to realize and refresh my objective why I wanna be a doctor
5) to set one baseline for where I wanna go from this career

I think thats all I can think of for now
I'm gaining a lil bit of here and there from the doctor
its better you do something to improve yourself rather than thinking you are qualified enough to be a doctor
and to tell you frankly , I suck at it and I am struggling to be one (speaking in the term of knowledge and practical stuff) - because I am still a medical student from Egypt

2 years to be enter the real world , what am I going to do to prepare before things get ugly ?
its going to get tougher , beware !

Monday, August 19, 2013

somebody is changing hihi

ayah said I am a good girl now
I clean , I cook , I groom , I exercise , I behave
just like a girl has to be
and he doesn't have to nag to me because le me is behaving like he wanted me to :P

and ibu was like... "dia kan kata dia nak kawin haritu . tiba2 putus"

I was like... "that time will come.. hahaha"

yeah , I know I change
maybe this is as a heads up for my parents that le me is on the way to be a somebody's wife kehkehkeh

oh well , focus on what you wanna be !
let's go to the hospital for elective posting with Dr Awangku tomorrow !
night peeps ^^